Run Raspberry Pi on your Phone with full display

Project Info:

Type: Full instructions provided
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated time 1 hour

Things Used in this Project:

Hardware Components:

Raspberry Pi Model B

Android Phone

Software Apps and Online Services:

Serverauditor - SSH client

VNC Viewer

Step 1: Getting Raspberry pi IP Address:

To begin with the project, one will need to know the IP address ofraspberry pi. In order to do so connect your raspberry pi with the LCD and, type "ifconfig" or "hostname-I" in the terminal window.

  • Note: Only for this particular section any external display is used like LCD, else for whole of the project smartphone (Android Phone) will be used.

Step 2: Connecting Pi with Phone (Setting up SSH client):

SSH (Secure Socket Shell) is a protocol to access Raspberry Pi with any device. For this project Serverauditor is used that can be downloaded from the Android play store for free. It’s also available for iOS devices.

Make sure that both phone and raspberry pi are in the same network in entire project

Steps to install Serverauditor on Phone:

Step 2.1: When you first start the application click on the Plus Button present on the bottom left of the screen, and then choose the New Host.

Step 2.1